Road Improvements Slotted for Oak Forest: Which Streets Made the Cut?

Find out if your street's on the list.

Several local roads are slotted for repair. Aldermen May 13 approved a $1,603,224.58 contract with Gallagher Asphalt Corporation. for the project. The bids came in $680,099 under the engineer’s original estimate, so the city will go back out to bid for a supplemental road program. Work will include repairs to 19 streets throughout the city. Work will begin next month.

Streets include:

  • Chaucer Drive EW from Rob Roy Drive to Chaucer Drive NS 
  • Chaucer Drive NS from Victoria Drive to Chaucer Drive EW 
  • 149th Street from Park Avenue to Long Avenue 
  • 149th Street from Long Avenue to Laramie Avenue 
  • Oxford Drive from Vine Street to 151st Street 
  • Park Avenue from Grange Avenue to Vine Street 
  • 152nd Street from Chaucer Drive to Central Avenue 
  • La Palm Drive from Vine Street to Central Avenue 
  • Cypress Court from Forest Avenue to Sycamore Lane 
  • Natalie North from 155th Street to Central Avenue 
  • Sycamore Lane from Cypress Court to Forest Avenue 
  • Oak Avenue from 160th Street from 163rd Street 
  • 157th Street from Ridgeland Avenue from Rob Roy Drive 
  • La Palm Drive from Central Avenue to Mission Avenue 
  • 154th Street from LeClaire Avenue to Laramie Avenue 
  • Linden Drive from 157th Street to 155th Place 
  • Crescent Green Lane from 151st Street to 151st Street 
  • 156th Street from Laramie Avenue to Lockwood Avenue 
  • Orange Lane from David Lane to Warwick Drive 


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