St. Damian School Rocks Its Own Lip Dub Video

St. Dmaina School students, faculty and staff filmed a 22-minute lip dub video that features singing, dancing and fun. The video was inspired by similar videos, including Oak Forest High School's from earlier this year.

St. Damian students and staff are proud of their school—and they wanted to show everyone. 

Students and faculty showed off their school pride while singing and dancing for the school's very own, 22-minute lip dub video. The project was the brainchild of Spanish teacher Gail Werr and music teacher Amy Loftus.

“I saw what the high school's video earlier this year, with the athletics teams,” Werr said. “Plus, I've seen some other ones and I thought, 'Why can't we do something like that?' It looked so fun, but I wanted to showcase everything, not just athletics, because we have so much here.”

Werr brought the idea to her fellow teachers and principal Colleen Domke and the idea quickly gained traction.

“Everyone thought it was a great idea,” she said. “Principal Domke was totally behind it and that was really great—to have her support and the rest of the school really excited about it.”

The video was shot over three days, breaking the school down by grade level. Filming only took a portion of each day, so as not to interrupt the education process substantially, Werr said.

“The kids were so excited, when we were practicing they were excited and then when we started filming they were really excited,” Werr said.

She added that the video was shot by St. Damian alumni parents, and parishioners, Greg and Connie Swidergal.

Currently, the video can be found on the school's website or on Youtube. The video has more than 1,000 views, as of Sunday, Feb. 17. 

Check it out in the gallery above!

Susan February 20, 2013 at 04:30 AM
That was an awesome video! It makes me miss the days when my children were students at St. Damian School!!


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