District 228 Falls Short on State Report Cards

Bremen High School District 228 failed to meet Adequate Yearly Progress, a state-mandated grading system for Illinois school district. None of the high school districts in Illinois met AYP this year.

The numbers are out for Adequate Yearly Progress for the Class of 2013 in Bremen High School District 228, and like other high school districts in the state, D228 didn't measure up. 

But the results didn't surprise district administrators, who say this way of evaluating students is stacked against schools. 

“The system that we're working in is absurd,” said Supt. Bill Kendall. “You're doing the best you can in an absurd system, but you're set up for failure, really. I hate to say that.”

The data shows that district-wide, only 40.7 percent of students in reading and 41 percent of students in math met state standards for the year; the standards were set at 85 percent of students meeting state-set scores.

District students are expected to meet 100 percent of state-set scores by 2014, according to AYP planning.

“Nobody met 85 percent, nobody is going to meet 90 percent, and nobody is going to meet 100,” said Assistant Supt. of Teaching and Learning Corinne Williams. “The intent is good, to make sure that we're pushing all kids. But when you're using a test [the ACT], it's a college entrance test designed to sort and separate. … They're getting the same results year after year.”

“It's very frustrating, because you constantly get pressure from the state,” Williams added. “'You're not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress. Now you're in corrective action. Now you're in restructuring. Every time you turn around, there's a different mandate, based on how we're doing on tests.”

Kendall and Williams both said students' progress is in line with the district's own goals, with student test scores improving yearly and students continuing to graduate on time, many moving on to post-secondary education and jobs.

“We're preparing our kids for post-secondary, whatever that may be,” Williams said.

The administrators pointed to the district's graduation rates, which have hovered around 90 percent from 2007 to 2010—with 2011 rates dropping to 81 percent because of a reclassification in how special education students are classified at graduation time—as proof that the district is providing students with a strong education.

“We're doing things,” Williams said. “We're helping our kids achieve.”

The following is a breakdown of D228 subgroups, as a district and at Oak Forest and Tinley Park high schools. Subgroups are groups of 45 students or more who fall into a specific demographic, based on race, income, special needs, English proficiency and other variables.

Bremen District 228


Subgroups District Score % AYP Score % Met AYP All 40.7 85 No White 56.4 85 No Black 28.4 85 No Hispanic 32.7 85 No Students with Disabilities 24.4 85 No Economically Disadvantaged 31.5 85 No



Subgroups District Score % AYP Score % Met AYP All 41 85 No White 59.4 85 No Black 25.1 85 No Hispanic 32.9 85 No Students with Disabilities 23.8 85 No Economically Disadvantaged 29.1 85 No

High Schools

Oak Forest High School


Subgroup Score % AYP % Met AYP All 50.3 85 No White 53.7 85 No Hispanic 45 85 No Economically Disadvantaged 45.3 85 Yes*


Subgroup Score % AYP % Met AYP All 52.7 85 No White 58.7 85 No Hispanic 42.6 85 No Economically Disadvantaged 43.1 85 Yes*

Tinley Park High School


Subgroup Score % AYP % Met AYP All 50.7 85 No White 64.8 85 Yes* Black 28.9 85 No Hispanic N/A 85 N/A Economically Disadvantaged 34.6
85 No Students With Disabilities 33.9 85 Yes


Subroup Score % AYP % Met AYP All 51.9 85 No White 67.9 85 Yes Black 25.6 85 No Hispanic N/A N/A N/A Economically Disadvantaged 38.3 85 No
Students With Disabilities 33.9 85 Yes

SOURCE: Bremen High School District 228


*Indicates that this subgroup of students did not meet AYP with its scores, but did meet Safe harbor status. Safe harbor allows a subgroup to meet minimum targets on achievement, so long as the it has existed for two consecutive years. To make safe harbor, the group must decrease by at least 10 percent in the percentage of students who did not meet standards the previous year.

TaxPayer November 02, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Jeff, Why didn't you include all four of the schools in your story. In case you are not aware Dr. Williams had orchestrated a major overhaul on D228 curriculum. One might ask her how these scores reflect on these changes and should it be seen as a sign that these changes are not working. It was destined for failure when you consider she sought no input from families, students (NHS) or respected department heads . She might be doing something but it is not what college bound students seeking scholarships need. The path to "hell" is littered with good intentions. Reinstating the "Early Education" programs at our school along with required teacher recommendation for honors and AP classes would be a good first step.
Elliot November 10, 2012 at 03:13 AM
http://iirc.niu.edu/District.aspx?source=Schools_In_District&districtID=07016228016&level=D The above link shows a huge disparity within 228. Could someone from the administration state publicly why there is such a gap within our district? maybe someone from the school board could address this issue??? How in the world are these kids supposed to compete in the world today with these kind of scores? Apparently nobody gives a damn about us!
Elliot November 10, 2012 at 03:23 AM
I call your attention to the "% Meets or Exceeds" column in the above link.
Elliot November 10, 2012 at 03:34 AM
I think there's a school board election in April maybe we could draft some new blood, I think one of the members running has been on the board for fifty years... that can't be good.
Lauren Traut (Editor) November 10, 2012 at 04:52 PM
TaxPayer, We included the schools most relevant to Oak Forest parents and students.
TaxPayer November 17, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Yet I note Midlothian blotter posts are quite prominent on this site. Lauren the Patch can be so much better than that. Lauren let me ask you a question, If you can envision a school district comprised of four schools. Two of them are on the west side of Cicero and two are on the east side if Cicero. The two on he east side of the street are doing worse,by far, than the other two. Wouldn't common sense tell you that there is a serious problem within District 228. And if that problem is the simple fact that their feeder schools suck, does that absolve D228 from doing their job of educating my kids on the east side of Cicero. Lauren 228 had a great program helping kids on this side of Cicero and got rid of it ,these scores may be a reflection of that.
TaxPayer November 28, 2012 at 05:50 PM
D228's apparent response to the Patch, found in the Oct 16, 2012 minutes at http://bhsd228.schoolwires.net/cms/lib6/IL01001099/Centricity/Domain/18/2012-1016Regular.pdf Dr. Williams reviewed the academic achievement for the Class of 2013 according to the State of Illinois, and stated not one school in the State of Illinois made AYP. Dr. Williams then provided data showing District 228 students are achieving growth from freshman to junior year. This growth is taking place because we have put supports in place for our students including: the Freshman Learning Centers, College & Career Centers, parent programs, and the reduction of remedial courses. The report card found @http://iirc.niu.edu/District.aspx?districtID=07016228016 shows the district is well below the state average. One question the people of 228 need to ask of the candidates in April's school board election is "What do you pan to do to bring Bremen's and Hillcrest's scores in line with Oak Forest and T.P?". Another interesting metric to evaluate the district's performance might be "How many people, who are making the decisions for 228 send their own kids here or is this just a job for them?".
Larry Canning January 07, 2013 at 08:55 PM
Not happy with District 228 progress then vote for a change. Larry Canning is a candidate for the 228 School Board. The election is April 9, 2013. To find out more about Larry go to his facebook page @ facebook.com/Vote Canning228
Elaine T. Bergeron January 11, 2013 at 06:39 PM
Larry, I am a concerned parent and presented a question to the board at the Nov meeting about 105 ILCS 5/10-20.14 from chapter 122, par. 10-20.14 of the school code. I was told that there is no such committee and was also told that they would look into this after the 1st of the year. They couldn,t even tell me who was on this committee whenever it existed. I asked this because of the schools belief that the only way they are informed of criminal acts by our students at TPHS is by word of mouth. I believe this is an utmost safety issue for our kids. If I do not hear back from Mr Gibbons before the Jan meeting , I will attend and ask again what is going on with this violation of the Ill.school code . Tim Bergeron
Elaine T. Bergeron January 11, 2013 at 07:54 PM
Larry, sorry for the misprint that should have read Mr. Goggins, Tim
Larry Canning January 12, 2013 at 10:04 PM
Hi Tim, great question and one that we should press for an answer. The ILCS clearly states that this Parent-Teacher advisory committee should be in place in all Illinois school districts. I agree that the safety of our students is of extreme importance as I am not just a candidate, but I am also a parent of a Dist. 228 student. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I look forward to a clarified answer as I know you do.
Elaine T. Bergeron January 16, 2013 at 02:32 AM
Larry I am at the school board meeting and again proposed the questions out the parent teacher advisory committee and also about the new law that went into effect on Jan 1st (house bill 5602) nothing has been done
Larry Canning January 17, 2013 at 04:45 AM
Tim, did you get your answer?
Elaine T. Bergeron February 01, 2013 at 06:48 PM
No, I am being told that the board is waiting on input from the 4 schools and that it won't happen till possibly April. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me what can u do about this ?
Larry Canning February 01, 2013 at 07:25 PM
Tim, I am not privileged to any more or less information than you or any other taxpayer is. I will make this promise, if elected on April 9th the day after I will start the push for transparent leadership in 228.


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