'Your Tax Dollars Are Not Piggy Banks for Elected Officials’ Personal Vendettas'

Dr. Sandra Bury hits hard on ethics in campaign launch for mayor of Oak Lawn.

Dr. Sandra Bury kept her declaration speech simple and to the point: “I’m humbled and proud tonight, here with all of you so dear to my heart, to declare my candidacy for mayor of .”

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Bury is the first to publicly announce her candidacy challenging incumbent Mayor Dave Heilmann, who is running for his third term in office. The consolidated election is April 9, 2013.

Her associate, Dr. Katherine Narbone, introduced the mayoral challenger at a Wednesday reception at Bury’s optometry practice,

Watch the video of Bury's candidacy announcement.

“She’s so incredibly hardworking, when she gets involved in a project she throws herself right into it,” Narbone said. “No one is more dedicated to do right by Oak Lawn.”

Speaking to an audience of local business owners, family, friends and neighbors, Bury spoke of the

“Oak Lawn is a wonderful community. Everyone here gets together, digs in and works together except for a few people,” she said to laughter. “We’re going to change that. We’re going to take this town back.”

Bury, who filed the former Oak Lawn village attorneys, hit hard on ethics.

“Your tax dollars are not piggy banks for elected officials’ personal vendettas,” she said. “We always have to put the interests of residents first. We need transparency in village hall. Conflicts of interest need to be disclosed and accountable.”

Several local business owners turned out for Bury’s announcement, many from the where Bury has sat on the board of directors since 1997.

While not attendees at Bury’s were a younger crowd who stated that they “had enough of Dave.”

“He doesn’t patronize my business,” a business owner said.

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Grammar Police Patriot September 12, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Those who can do, those who can't play grammar police. Patriot station is concise and understandable unlike Dave Ws rambling. Dave W proposed naming it "'Heroes of September 11th Station" or "Honoring Our Emergency Workers Station". How impractical and quite frankly, pompous. Armchair elitists alwys think they can do much better than others after the fact. These talkers never fail to remind the do-ers of their shortcomings and rarely give praise. Thank you to all of our community leaders for rollling up your sleevesgetting this done. Superb job.
Lorraine Swanson September 12, 2012 at 06:29 PM
QC, be nice. No name calling.
Dave W. September 12, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Considering, Grammar Police Patriot, that you failed on grammar, at least you are consistent. Also, proponents of the name took the trustees to task for wanting to give residents a fair chance at input. It was renaming an existing train station, not voting for medical supplies to an arctic outpost. How un-American is that, for the wants of the few to run over the rights of the many? The monument was a great public-private work, with a lot of work by the doctor. Nobody ever said not to build/erect it. The contribution is fantastic...no doubt about it...throwing around 'patriot' only lessens its meaning to people who fit the description. Same with calling sports figures as 'role models' or 'heroes'...for playing a game. I'm pretty sure I could NOT do as well as the Rotary folks did...but this wasn't a monument on the doctor's front doorstep. It is representative of the whole town...the name goes on every train map, Google maps, etc...to not even want discussion was elitist and presumptive to say the least. We will agree to disagree on this, I'm sure.
Grammar Police Patriot September 12, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Dave W you are way off base again. You say the rights of the many were trampled on by a few. How? 7 trustees elected to represent this entire village discussed and voted on the matter. Just because you do not agree with it doesn't mean your rights were trampled. How was anything related to this matter Un-American? Un-American is you on Nine Eleven Patriot Day bashing the well meaning Rotary Club for not adhering to your very strange language standards. If Nine-Eleven can be called Patriot Day why can't a train station be similiarly named given the monument? Police and fireman work for our country. They are patriots day in and day out. I don't know what type of sad person would be so callous on Nine Eleven. A very sad person indeed.
QC September 12, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Lorraine I wasn't calling names. The post you took down was actually a Quote BY Sandy Bury. Please re-read it. Thanks


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