Toi Hutchinson Announces Run for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Congressional Seat

The Olympia Fields Democrat was re-elected in November to the 40th state Senate seat, which represents parts of Chicago Heights, Flossmoor, Frankfort, Homewood and New Lenox.

Illinois Sen. Toi Hutchinson (D-Olympia Fields) announced Thursday that she will run for the 2nd Congressional District seat recently vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr. 

Hutchinson, who was appointed a state senator in 2009 after Debbie Halvorson was elected to Congress, was re-elected to the 40th district seat in November, winning over Tuck Marshall (R-Frankfort). The 40th district expanded this year to include the southern parts of New Lenox and Frankfort, and also represents Chicago Heights, Flossmoor and Homewood. 

"Families in the South Suburbs and the southside deserve a representative who understands their concerns and who will work alongside President Obama to create new jobs, rebuild our roads and schools, and protect the gains we’ve made on equal pay, health care and civil rights," Hutchinson said in a blog post on Patch. 

Hutchinson said in the blog post that she would "focus on creating jobs and long-term economic development, protecting Social Security and Medicare from Republican efforts to privatize them" if elected to Congress. 

"That's why today I've decided to run for Congress," she said. "I'm going to work hard every day to help the people of the Southland and I'm looking forward to earning your support over the coming months." 

Hutchinson’s south suburban Senate district covers the majority of the 2nd Congressional district. Prior to her state Senate appointment, she served two terms as village clerk for the Village of Olympia Fields, and was chief of staff for Senate Majority Leader Debbie Halvorson.

According to CBS/Channel 2 in Chicago, former state representative Robin Kelly also plans to run for the 2nd Congressional District seat, as does former NFL running back Napolean Harris. CBS reports a number of other people considering a campaign. 

Former congressman Mel Reynolds has also announced a run. He lost his seat in 1995, after he was convicted of criminal sexual assault and solicitation of child pornography and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in state prison.

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Maureen "Moe" Forte' December 02, 2012 at 01:36 AM
Evening, I just want to "Thank You", Due to the fact this"Special Election" is becoming a Circus I have decided not to seek this Circus of a Seat in the 2nd Congressional District! People are running for the "Position and the Tiltle" not the "Purpose of the People" in the district! As a Double Elected Official myself and an advocate for ex-offenders, my purpose is to represent the least of these! I'm serious about the work I do! I pray for my re-election in April 2013 for my Aldermanic/Trustee Seat and will continue to be of service in the capacities in which I serve! I will support a candidate that is Honest with Integrity and Truth for ALL!! Moving Me Forward! Maureen "Moe" Forte'
BUTCH December 02, 2012 at 04:51 PM
MO where ever yer from they are lucky to have u as a concerned elected official which most areas around the south side -burbs have a better chance at Winning POWER BALL than electing a concerned public official. In my town at this time we are also fortunate to have elected and appointed officials that are in it for the good of the commons so far-(knock) Another sleaze bag just bit the dust the former cop-alderman and CC Rep Big Bill Beavers joined the illustrious gang of robbers and wannabe looters of the citizens of Illinois facing jail for illegal use of campaign funds these guys all think citizens united are paying their bills as if they are TPARTY guys! Why are we closing all these prisons we should have one for local officials-alderman, a second for county officials another for fed elected officials they should all would be full and when we have weeded them all out consolidate them and close them when Illinois corruption is eliminated ha! That will be our POWER BALL!
James Bond December 04, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Marcus Lewis has been very very quiet, I guess he found out he needs at least 15 Thousand"Good" Signatures. A great system we have to keep independents off the ballots.
Veronica December 10, 2012 at 05:15 AM
I am urging everyone to take a real look at the man who always stood up to adversity, helped people not only in our district but others and ran against the odds because he wanted to, still wants to and will bring the seat back to the people of the 2nd District. Anthony Williams check out what he has done and what he is doing. These other guys/gals talk a lot but where were they on the issues, never see them, never saw them til now. All they do is sit behind a desk.. They don't come to people like us, but Williams has for years. He has earned the right to represent us because he always has. Ms Maureen Forte's praised him on her show as well. Go to www.voteanthonywwilliams.com he is not just out to make a name for himself he is out to bring the district back to the people. Galvanize support for him if you really want the right man in office. Take look, don't take my word. See for yourselves.
Judity F. January 09, 2013 at 06:21 AM
Check out www.voteAnthonyWWilliams.com Compare, then decide. If Debbie was such a tireless worker and cared about our district why hasn't she spoken out on any of the issues affecting us from the time she lost the seat? This goes for the rest of the contenders. I support Anthony W. Williams who does work tirelessly unlike those currently in office, the newly elected and others running. When have they personally advocated for us on any issue? Did they advocate for Rocky when his school insurance capped and the state was about to yank benefits from him: the state stealing from retirees' pensions, closing mental health clinics, hospitals? Yet silence among those who say they will see that we receive justice. I guess not one issue was important enough to anyone except Anthony W. Williams resulting in Clark keeping insurance status, 40k coming forward and retirees receiving refunds. Williams was blocking projects in Englewood, etc. before Gardner. Think how much more he would do once elected! Don't vote for people just because "they have been there, they are there or they say what they will do when they get there. Go by what they have and are doing. Give votes to those who have EARNED them.


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