Evergreen Park's Highest Paid Village Employees

The Evergreen Park mayor, public works director and public safety employees draw the highest salaries among village employees. See the full list of all village employees' salaries and benefit packages.

The Village of Evergreen Park posted the 2012 salaries of village employees on its website.

Earnings include gross wages (before taxes). We've included some of the top earners, and randomly chosen municipal employees for perspective.

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The highest paid employee was Evergreen Park Police Chief Michael D. Saunders at $135,586. Fire Chief Ronald Kleinhaus earns $129,512 annually.

One of the lowest wage earners is Patrick B. Callahan, a $10-an-hour, meals-on-wheels driver who earned $720 before taxes.

James Sexton commands an annual salary of $104,455 as mayor, and $10,000 as the village liquor commissioner.

Cathy Apparo is paid $75,788 as village clerk, and $18,000 per year as the village collector, for a total gross annual salary of $93,788.

Evergreen Park trustees receive $13,748 annually for their civic service.

Christine T. McCann, an administrative assistant, earns $55,585, and part-time firefighter Ryan Ellis made $17.18 per hour, for a total annual salary of $28,755.

It’s all public information.

View the full list by clicking on the PDF document to the right. 

Here are the top $100,000+ earners working for the Village of Evergreen Park. We’ve also included the pdf of all village employee salaries, that includes after-tax wages and benefit packages.

Employee Position Salary Michael D. Saunders Police Chief $135,580 Ronald Kleinhaus Fire Chief $129,512 William E Lorenz Public Works Director


Dennis O'Dowd Deputy Chief


Wayne C Gutkowski Deputy Chief $117,073 James Sexton Mayor/Liquor Commissioner $114,455 John D Eisenbeis Lt. $107,481 Thomas H Harold Lt.


James A Healy Lt. $105,014 Keith A. Hojek Lt. $105,014 Robert C. Wall Lt. $105,014 Peter M. Donovan Lt. $105,014 Gary Jarzen Lt. $105,014 

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Margaret Michalak November 18, 2012 at 02:47 PM
What a joke...the highest paid in the village is the police chief and deputy chiefs. God forbid you have a problem in this town and go to them for help, they are useless! Not deserving of these high salaries!!!! Still waiting for a call back from last June!!!
EPResident80 November 23, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Large Marge and her big mouth at it again......never gonna learn are ya?!? Clean up your own kitchen before you get up on your soapbox!!!
Lou Cavelle December 06, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Was trying to view the salaries but could not find the "PDF to the right" can you help? thank you
tony vacco December 07, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Lou baby, Ireally miss your massage parlor with the Korean girls. That was a really classy addition to the business district. I really miss the "happy ending".


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