City Replacing Defective Pipes in Sewer Project

A major overhaul of the city's sanitary sewer system began this week.

Work begin this week on a major sanitary sewer program in parts of Oak Forest.

The effort is to get rain water out of the sewer system caused by defective pipes, broken seals on manholes and illegal sump pump and gutter connection, according to the City of Oak Forest.

are concerned about the water leaking into the system as it can cause backups in basements and sewer overflows that can leech sewage into homes.

Baxter & Woodman, an engineering firm, has been contracted to provide services.

Part of Oak Forest's efforts to repair the system will be to go door-to-door and conduct interview with residents. Baxter is issuing employees badges, which residents are encouraged for ask for if visited at home. Those canvassing also will need to come into houses and check sump pumps. This portion of the work will take place from July through November. Reverse 911 calls will be made to the homes that will receive a visit the following week.

Workers also will use some to check sewer lines. Smoke might come in through pipes if a drain or faucet has become dry from lack of use. The City recommends pouring a half-gallon of water down the drain to prevent smoke leaking in.

Residents are encouraged to call the Public Works Department at 708-535-4090 if they have any concerns regarding the testing.

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relinquere nos solus July 27, 2012 at 09:35 PM
By what authority will this private business have to enter my home? They will not be coming into my house.


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