Home Burglarized in Fieldcrest Subdivision

A home in the 4300 block of Wagman Street was burglarized Wednesday, Dec. 12. The suspect(s) didn't take anything of value, but the Oak Forest Crime Commission and Oak Forest Police are urging residents to take precautionary steps.

Police were called to a home in the 4300 block of Wagman Street, due a report of a break-in at the home in broad daylight Wednesday, Dec. 12.

At the scene police spoke with the victim, who said that about an hour after returning home, they noticed the backdoor of the residence was kicked in.

The victim told officers that it only appeared that costume jewelery was taken from the home and that the victim's wedding band and other valuables were undisturbed.

The victim said that their son was home around 2 p.m. to use the computer and he did not notice anything missing or the damage to the door. The victim told officers that the son might have come home in the middle of the burglary and interrupted the crime while it was in progress.

The Oak Forest Crime Prevention Commission and Oak Forest Police Department strongly urge residents to take several precautionary steps to lower the likelihood that their homes and vehicles will be targeted for such crimes.

According to Oak Forest Crime Prevention Commission member Dennis Mitzner, when leaving home either for work, shopping or vacation, it's a good idea to make a home look occupied. Residents can do this by setting a radio on a timer to a local talk-radio station, such as WBBM, 780AM, or 105.9FM.

He said that setting the timer to go off at various times during the day, to give the appearance that people are in the home. He added that putting the radio near a back door, out of sight, and loud enough to be heard from outside will also help.

As for securing vehicles, Mitzner said that making sure all valuables are locked in the trunk or taken into the home is the best way to ensure vehicles are not targeted. He said cell phones, wallets, Christmas presents and any other valuables in plain sight make vehicles tempting targets for crooks.

“We want to keep you safe, but you have to take an active role in that effort,” Mitzner said.

For more information about home or vehicle security tips, contact the Oak Forest Crime Prevention Commission at (708) 687-4050 x1603 or via email at crimeprevention@oak-forest.org.


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