Did DCFS, Cops Fail Slain Oak Forest Toddler?

Family of a 3-year-old killed in a case of child abuse last year say the agency and department should have removed the girl from the home.

The family of a 3-year-old Oak Forest girl killed in March 2013 think police and the Department of Children and Family Services should have done more to help the toddler.

Gina Presley died on March 27, 2013, from blunt force trauma, and her death was ruled a homicide. A lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court this week alleges the agency and police failed to investigate previous claims of abuse involving the girl. 

Jessie B. Rodriguez, the boyfriend of the girl's aunt and guardian, was charged with first degree murder after Gina was found dead with "large bruises on her head." He has pleaded not guilty. His next court appearance is April 2. 

The girl's paternal grandfather James Fountas claims in the suit that relatives called Oak Forest police and DCFS investigators "multiple times," as recently as a month before her death, reporting drug use in the home, bruises on her body and hair that “was thinning and falling out," according to the suit. 

The family contends Oak Forest police diverted the family's concerns to DCFS, who then allegedly repeatedly ignored calls. 

"I’m confident that we handled those appropriately," said Oak Forest Police Chief Greg Anderson. 

As of Friday, the department had not been served with the lawsuit. 

Tired of the B.S. April 11, 2014 at 09:16 PM
^^^HMMM, more calls for censorship. Typical. I believe this question was what you call rhetorical. To satisfy your rudeness and answer the question of did the Oak Forest police and DCFS and the family fail this little girl, I think that since she was murdered, allegedly by the very person that the police and DCFS were warned about, that answer is yes. Most people understand that Lauren was posing this question to get people to think, but apparently, that is beyond your capability. Now call me a racist to make yourself feel better.
News, not Spam! April 12, 2014 at 07:32 PM
Don't try to claim the moral high ground here, BS. Your history here is littered with anything but that. Have you plagiarized anything today?
Tired of the B.S. April 13, 2014 at 12:26 AM
No need for me to take the moral high ground with somebody like you, I could be in a coal mine two miles deep and you would still be beneath me. I will admit that I am surprised that you forgot to call me a racist again.


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