The Case of the Missing Meat, Mower and Bikes: Midlothian Police Blotter

Midlothian police reports, Sept. 21–23

SUNDAY, Sept. 23

Where's Our Lawnmower, Meats and Bikes?

Police responded to a call about a residential burglary in the 3600 block of W. 153rd Street. At the home, the victim told police that sometime between midnight and 4:25 p.m. Sept. 22-23, an unknown suspect(s) removed four bikes, a lawnmower and three Coleman coolers containing $400 in frozen meat from their unlocked, detached garage.

The victim told officers they found one bike in a garage behind the residents, which is attached to an uninhabited home. A canvas of the area by police resulted in nothing further.

The total value of the items stolen was $1,920.

Oh, There's One of Our Bikes.

Later that day, officers located one of the bikes and arrested Musikla B. Flennoy, of the 3600 block of W. 147th Street, for possession of stolen property and unlawful possession of cannabis.

Flennoy said that he bought the bike from a man he knows as “Dee Lee,” at a barbeque that also featured three coolers full of meat. Flennoy also said that “Dee Lee,” sold another bike to another barbeque attendee.

Flennoy is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 10.

Don't Drop Your Drugs

Nathan W.D. Kilburn, 24, of the 300 block of Harlem Avenue, Peotone, was charged with resisting a peace officer after an incident at Jack's Place, 3915 W. 147th Street. Police were called to the scene due to a fight. Officers at the location spoke with Kilburn.

Kilburn said he was trying to break up a fight when officers arrived. While speaking with officers, Kilburn dropped his wallet and a baggie containing a white, powdery substance. He quickly grabbed both, before an officer could. The officer he was speaking with tried to grab the baggie, but could not and the two tumbled to the ground, where Kilburn swallowed the baggie.

Kilburn was taken into custody and later told police he did swallow a baggie of cocaine, because his friends told him to if he was ever caught with drugs to swallow them.

Kilburn will appear at the Markham Courthouse Oct. 10.

FRIDAY, Sept. 21

Just Use the Cross Walk

Octavio Ortiz-Campos, 18, of the 3900 block of W. 147th Street, was cited for illegal consumption of alcohol by minor, after police stopped him for not crossing the street in a crosswalk. When police stopped Ortiz-Campos, he placed his hands in his pockets and refused to remove them. Officers took Ortiz-Campos to the ground due to his resistance, and charged him based on his intoxicated state.

At the station, Ortiz-Campos blew a .112 and charged with illegal consumption of alcohol by minor and crossing the road at an area other than a crosswalk. He was released on bond and is scheduled to appear at the Markham Courthouse on Oct. 26.

Police Blotter information is provided by the Midlothian Police Department. Charges are not evidence of guilt. They are a record of police actions taken on a given day, and persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. If you or a family member are charged or cited and the case is subsequently adjudicated, we encourage you to notify the editor. We will verify and report the outcome.


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