Talk Turkey: Share Your Best Thanskgiving Stories

Got an awesome family tradition or a great anecdote of turkey days past? Send it our way and we'll share them on Thanksgiving day.

My Mom's ice cream cake.

You name the occasion in the Traut/Hosty family, and the resounding "tradition" will be that chocolate-whipped-cream-frosting-covered, two layer chocolate cake with a slab of vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between. Topped with strawberries.

Thanksgiving is no exception—that cake has to make an appearance. Cousins even joke about wanting that cake as their wedding cake.

I'm not kidding.

We also try to remember to slow down after a holiday meal, and sip on some Bailey's and coffee—my late Grandpa Hosty's own favorite.

AND if we can manage to pry our overstuffed selves off the couches, we'll head out to a movie on Thanksgiving night—if we can agree on a flick.

So there you have it—how the Traut/Hosty clan does Thanksgiving. It's a tad sentimental, but I don't mind sharing, because I know you'll return the favor.

Right? (Here's where you nod and smile.)

Have some great food mishaps? Some funny family slip-ups? Or maybe your memories are sweeter, Thanksgiving day proposals or big announcements.

Whatever your Thanksgiving day stories, we want to hear them. Tell us in the comments below, post them on the Oak Forest Patch Facebook page or e-mail them to lauren.traut@patch.com. We'll post the best on Thanksgiving day.

To get you in the turkey day mood, here is what has been described as perhaps the greatest turkey event in Thanksgiving day history, the full WKRP in Cincinnati Thanksgiving special from Hulu.com.


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