Does Your Beer Say Something About Your Politics?

National Journal sifted through marketing data to see if there was a link between the brand of beer someone drinks and how—as well as if—they voted. Find out what the media outlet uncovered.

Call it the Year of Politic-Ale Correctness.

Between the White House press corps dogging officials about President Obama's homebrew and Mitt Romney's Mormon faith keeping him from touching the stuff, this alcoholic beverage has become a campaign tool to establish a candidates common man bona fides—or lack thereof. Another sideshow under the giant political big top to distract from this year's free-wheeling election circus.

So it's no surprise that National Journal, a nonpartisan media outlet that covers Beltway politics, tackled the beer issue straight on.

"We've analyzed Scarborough Research data, which includes 200,000 interviews with American adults, to determine the politics of beer drinkers," said in an article it posted to its website Sept. 27 that broke down people's political affiliations to what beer they drank, as well as how often drinkers of those particular beers turned out to vote.

What did they find out? Here are just a few of the findings from the National Journal's research, which it helpfully graphed out:

  • Largely Democratic beers: Heineken, Corona
  • Largely Republican beers: Coors Light, Samuel Adams, Shiner Bock, Leinenkugel
  • Bipartisan beers: Miller High Life, Busch, Bud Lite, Dos Equis has the biggest (insert your played-out, "most interesting man in the world" joke here)

Do these findings reflect what your experience has been with the beer drinkers in your life, including yourself? Or are they way off?

Either way, let's do our own research: Tell us what your favorite beer is and where you fit on the political spectrum.

READ: Check Out the Full National Journal Article for More Details

Editor's note: Yes, Patch is infinitely aware that connecting imbibing preferences with party affiliations is a frivolous exercise compared with our country's sober electoral process. But you can't be serious 24/7. So sit back and relax. Perhaps with a cold mug of beer.


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Mike Fangman October 01, 2012 at 04:00 PM
johnny hammersmith October 02, 2012 at 04:10 AM
Libertarian and I like all kinds of beers...


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