Post Your Halloween Photos on Patch!

How'd you do with the trick-or-treaters last night? Share your cutest Halloween photos on Patch!

Did you see any cute costumes on Halloween night?

Did your kids or your neighbors dress up or create any clever home-made costumes?

Then share them with the rest of us, please!

I attached a few here, just to prime the pump. I didn't take very many photos at the door this year (long story), but I've attached a couple, with the subjects' and parents' permission. I'll add my daughter's picture later, if she gives me permission. (Yes, it's come to that. Dad can't post on Patch without asking. :( Sigh.)

AND, before I forget, Patch's Costume Contest 2012's deadline is Nov. 5, so enter for your chance to win $5,000!


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