Let it Snow? It is On Google, But Maybe Not Here

Christmas may be green in Chicago's south suburbs, but in the meantime, check out the cool search engine effect.

Will it snow in the south suburbs this holiday weekend? Maybe not, but you can get some of the Christmas magic on Google.

Join millions in typing "let it snow" in a Google search and watch what happens. You can clear it up by hitting the "defrost" button or by "scraping" with your mouse.

According to forecasts from the , the Chicago area might not see much snow. This map shows little to no snow coverage throughout the area now, and most forecasts say we'll be without a White Christmas.

The Weather Channel's forecast map shows that the Chicago area will be without a White Christmas. That doesn't necessarily mean we won't have snow; on that map, "White Christmas" means at least an inch of snow.

According to the AOL Weather forecast, that's about right. Most south suburbs currently have a zero percent chance of snow on Christmas Eve and a 10 percent chance on Christmas.


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