District 230 &135 pension problems

A discussion on pension issues in school districts 230 and 135 with a state representative staffer.

I just got off the phone with our state rep Chuck Krezwick staff person. I questioned where Mr. Krezwick stood on the potential issue of school districts assuming pension obligations.

She stated that Mr. Krezwick will do whatever possible to limit the states liability. That statement intuitively means he could vote to push the pension burden (which the state botched) onto the school district, which in turn could raise property taxes (School districts are funded through property taxes). This point was discussed, to which I received a cryptic answer.

I urged her to pass the message along to our state rep that this solution is unacceptable for the following reasons:

1. The state administered the program, which they took 8 percent out of every teacher’s paycheck. Where did that money go?

2. Property taxes could essentially double for Orland/Palos/Tinley residents in an already tough economy.

3. Instead of taxing make sound decisions and cut special interest funding, i.e. free rides for seniors on public transportation. (Yes, I know they have removed this)

4. She questioned where the money should come from to pay for the mistakes of the past? Perhaps our State Reps and they respective staff give up their pensions to fund these issues.

After my last comment the phone went dead and she said she would pass my concerns along.

My only hope is this state can find its way and you can't tax your way out of problems. The problems must be dealt with in a meaningful and fair way to those who have paid and contribute to society. 

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Charvo April 23, 2012 at 03:24 PM
The 8% religiously taken from teachers' (and other state employees) salaries during their working lifetimes is what has kept the pension program afloat. That is why it is still there in place and working. But it will not last forever if the other component, the money taxpayers have already paid to the state for the pension programs, is somehow eliminated as a burden of the state. This is what the state is trying to do with this hoax they call the "underfunded" pension problem. It is the state who defrauded the taxpayers on this issue, so your (Dan's) idea of taking funding from the pensions of elected officials actually has some merit. If we can take away the pensions from ex-Governor's Ryan and Blagojevich for their crimes, then why can't we take away the pensions from every elected state official who knew that taxpayer money, collected for pension programs, was being diverted to other areas, like maybe their own ballooning pensions. Every elected Republican or Democrat from Mike Madigan to Big Jim Thompson, and all those in-between, should be stripped of their pension dollars and those funds should be diverted to fund the unfunded state pension programs.
Rob P April 23, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Bravo! those elected clowns caused this mess, they partially pay for it!
Alan Perkaus April 23, 2012 at 04:45 PM
The feds have done the same thing with Social Security. Why do you think that all the major pension systems are having a problem. Let a politician into you pockets and they will some how acquire your pants!


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