Tarting Up the Sun-Times: What Do You Think?

It's been a week since the Chicago Sun-Times debuted its new, feistier, sensationalistic tabloid style. How is it going over with you? Take the Patch poll.

What do you think of the new-look, new-attitude Chicago Sun-Times?

South Siders and south suburban residents have long been loyal to the feisty city paper for its City Hall and politics coverage, columnists and pro sports report. For decades, it's been a part of our reading habit.

Last week, new ownership took the beleaguered paper — which has suffered through criminal owners, layoffs, bankruptcy, layoffs, mismanagement, layoffs, outsourcing and layoffs — in a new direction. Media-scene observers say its bid to tart itself up and go "downmarket" as a sensationalist tabloid is taking the paper right into the gutter with "if it bleeds, it leads" headlines and an overdose of celebrity fluff.

Says Sun-Times alum Robert Feder in his Time Out Chicago blog:

The paper of Roger Ebert and five other Pulitzer Prize winners is morphing into a garish, down-market tabloid that seems to be edited for people with teeny-tiny attention spans who prefer headlines to be written IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

On the flip side, others see the new owners as saviors. Their new New York-style tabloid look and focus debuted last week.

What do you think? Do you like where the paper is headed? Do you think it's fresh, lively and something work talking about? Or is it so distasteful you wouldn't even let your dog wet on it? Let's talk about this. Vote and post a comment.

Joel April 19, 2012 at 02:57 AM
The internet is slowly killing the business of print media.
J. J. Zurek April 19, 2012 at 03:13 AM
I find it rather amazing that they charge premium dollar for advertising and then they charge 75 cents for a 15-20 page News Paper, with nothing in it but advertising. So if the Shop Keepers pay to advertise and I pay to read the advertisements, can they really market it as a News Papers, when News is the last thing you ever see in the paper. I refuse to call it a NEWS PAPER
Erin Roeper April 19, 2012 at 04:19 PM
The new "look" of the Sun-Times does not impress me. Like Anita, I immediately felt that it looked even more like a supermarket "rag." I do look forward to reading columnists Steinberg, Washington, Fountain, and Marin -- as well as Roeper and theater critic Weiss. So unfortunate that these quality writers have to appear in such a publication. (But if the day comes when they no longer appear, I'll drop my subscription in a second.) And I feel Patch.com covers the local news much better than the Southtown, which I dropped quite some time ago.
FergLi April 19, 2012 at 09:15 PM
I don't like the tabloid format. I have been reading the Sun-Times and its' predecessors all my life, despite Trib readers' attitudes about the intellectual inferiority. What has bothered me for quite awhile, and is now almost unbearable, are all the spelling, grammatical and usage mistakes. There must be no proofreading at all. Recent examples: "not bad as long as you don't overdue it" (overdo). An article about one man showed a photo with another man's name (Terrell Davis / David Terrell). Sentences are missing words as well. Newspapers were formerly the way that children learning to read and people learning English could practice and learn. Now the example is lost, but they don't know it and are picking up the unfortunate errors.
Dennis Robaugh April 21, 2012 at 04:01 AM
To be fair, the Sun-Times plastered Joe Hosey's Drew Petersen coverage — and his book excerpts — all over its papers when he worked for them, too.


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