Oak Forest Jewel-Osco Sells Out of Twinkies

Hostess sent out what could be its final shipment of Twinkies to Jewel-Osco stores across the Southland Tuesday. A shipment received in Oak Forest in the morning was long gone by the afternoon.

Were you one of the lucky ones to get some of the last Twinkies ever? Jewel -Osco on 159th Street, was one of the stores in the Southland to receive what's being reported as the final shipment of Hostess Twinkies the morning Tuesday, Dec. 11—and the shipment didn't last long.

Shoppers gobbled up the shipment in quick fashion, knocking out the entire supply in just a few hours, employees said.

The yellow cake and cream-filled treats flew off the shelves as Twinkies fanatics tried to secure their final fix before the brand bites the dust. Employees at the store reported that although all the Twinkies are gone, Zingers and Orange Cup Cakes remain, as of 2:15 p.m.

There may still be hope for fans, as several other Southland Jewel locations were set to receive a shipment of the cake treats as well.


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