Bald Eagles Spotted in Oak Forest

Two Oak Forest residents spotted the three birds of prey, which are thought to be different from the Bald Eagles currently nesting in nearby Palos, Dec. 10 on W. 149th Street.

Oak Forest residents noticed a few American icons soaring through the air Monday, near the 4900 block of W. 149th Street, one block west of Cicero Avenue.

Three bald eagles were seen perched in a tree near resident Debbie Lindsey's home. Lindsey and her sister-in-law Dolores Rosales, spotted the eagles as they were driving to Lindsey's home.

“Came home to eagles flying over my car and landing in a tree across the street,” Lindsey wrote, in an email to Patch. “A truly magnificent sight.”

Rosales told Patch that after she left Lindsey's home, she went to a cancer center where her photos of the birds of prey made her a mini-celebrity for the day.

“I was so excited about the eagles I took the pictures with me to a cancer center and everyone was so excited that they were calling me the 'Bald Eagle Lady' and came up to me to see the pictures,” Rosales said. “Everyone was in awe.”

The eagles are probably different birds than those nesting in Palos Township near Tampier Slough; based on their coloring, the Oak Forest birds appear older, according to a representative from the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

“Immature eagles will not have white heads so at least one of these birds are not from the nest at Tampier,” said Chris Merenowicz, director of resource management. “Most likely they are birds that are migrating through.”

It's rare to see three adult birds together, he added. In general, it’s not considered unusual for eagles to migrate through the area at this time of year. 

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LISA HINES December 12, 2012 at 05:25 AM
Delete LISA HINES 11:23 pm on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 I live near Jack Hille Middle School and I saw an eagle as well. But according to the article, it must be an immature one since its head was not completely white. It was staying close to a backyard that borders mine. He was perched on the electrical pole, tree and neighbors playhouse. He flew around a bit and even dove to the ground like he was looking for something. It was awesome to see !!
Sharon Krygowski December 12, 2012 at 10:40 PM
My sister and I saw a Bald Eagle "fishing" in Twin Lakes on Cicero in March 2009. She even took a few photographs. Recently we wondered if it could have a mate and nest nearby like those in Palos.


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