Everybody's Doing It: Your Facebook Feedback on Chris Medina, Exclusive Video, and Patch Beginnings

Medina moves on in 'Idol,' reader feedback on Patch so far, and an exclusive Patch video make for a buzz-worthy week on the Oak Forest Patch Facebook page.

Another whirlwind week in Oak Forest, another busy week on the Oak Forest Patch Facebook page.

Oak Forest's city administrator , Patch sneaked a Facebook-exclusive video onto the page, and we called for encouragement for Chris Medina as we awaited his appearance in the Hollywood round. Throughout the week, we opened up the Facebook floor for your interaction and enjoyment. We're all about the reader over here at Oak Forest Patch. We love comments, Facebook recommendations and reader submissions.

In case you've missed it (how? We now have 216 fans!), your Patch has a Facebook page. Your Oak Forest Patch editor (yours truly) gets a kick out of postings from readers. For those who have contributed, here's your gold star. We introduced you to three weeks ago, and here's the next installment.

Who needs your name in lights, when you can see your name on our site?

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, City Administrator John Marquart .

  • Felicia Sexton DePyper: I thought John would be around for a while. He seemed to being a good job, just wondering if he was unhappy.

In anticipation of Chris Medina's face returning to TV screens all over Oak Forest Thursday, we asked for some words of encouragement for our favorite American Idol contestant.

  • Melanie Sanchez: Let's go Chris! Can't wait to start voting for you!

We posted a video exclusive from the Oak Forest City Council meeting, and a few of you couldn't help but chuckle.

  • Melanie Sanchez: No one can pass up the opportunity to give bunny ears!
  • Felicia Sexton DePyper: Ha, ha! Too funny Hank 
  • Laura Suchy: Funny!

Curious about the video? You'll just have to head over to the page and check it out.

Patch made an appearance at Blarney Stone Pub's Idol viewing party Wednesday, and we were . Readers liked the idea, with four "likes" to the post. We'll be there again next week, and we hope you'll join us!

  • Melanie Sanchez: I'm so there next week!

Aw, shucks, guys. Your Patch editor is apparently becoming more well-known. While working at Panera near 159th and Harlem, a reader approached her, spotting the Patch laptop sticker, pen and notebook. We don't like to pat our own backs, but in the interest of sticking to the rules of "Facebook Friday." ...

  • Casey Reynolds Cloud: Aw, you're a celebrity. ... that's how you know you are doing a GREAT job.
  • James Traut: Great job sister.
  • Judy Wortel-Ciufia: That was me! ... And you're doing a great job.
  • Brian Jula: Miss you at the Frankfort Station. Glad you have found a home at the Oak Forest Patch.

Want one of these red shirts pictured so prominently in this week's Viewfinder?

Did you catch our story on how? Better catch up!

  • Krista Kaleta Attreau: Very well written! So glad you are following this story.
  • Felicia Sexton DePyper: Doing a GREAT job.
  • Medina Mania: Yes, great job!

Chris Medina made it through Thursday's Hollywood round! YES!

  • Felicia Sexton DePyper: AWESOME! Chris is very talented. I see Chris going far because his heart is in the right place.
  • Nancy Hullinger: He did great! He has to get better each time, he can do it. Oak Forest is behind him all the way.
  • Medina Mania: Yes, Medina Mania!

Patch fans, Patch editor Lauren Traut needs your help! She'll be returning to her alma mater Friday, to talk Patch with some journalism students. They're tough critics. Can you tell her what you love about your Patch, and why you think it's invaluable as a news source? Tell her what it means to have Patch in your community? She hopes to read your comments to the students, as proof of Patch's awesomeness. Can you help? Post a comment! Add one here!

  • Krista Kaleta Attreau: I like Patch because it is so timely and so centralized on my community. I have learned things from your articles about local happenings that I might not have heard or read in another forum. Plus, I can get more information if I need it by digging down, or even viewing another community's Patch. Keep up the great work.
  • Kimberly Colbert StMarie: Patch is great! There is no other place to get info about Oak Forest.
  • Judy Wortel-Ciufia: I like Patch because you actually get out into the community and talk to people. I love reading the local stories as well as other local Patch stories. It's also nice because it is personal, you often reply to people's comments. Keep up the great work!

Why do you love Oak Forest Patch? Visit our Facebook page to comment, or add it here!

And there's no need to be jealous of all these folks—visit our Facebook page, become a fan and comment, comment, comment. Next week, it could be you!


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