Don't Let Snow Leave Your Garbage Cans Out in the Cold on Pickup Day

NuWay Disposal gives Oak Forest customers tips on how to avoid trash service being disrupted because of snow accumulation.

Credit: File Photo
Credit: File Photo
The south suburbs got hit with another few inches of snow over the weekend, and there is more forecasted for this week.

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This winter's snow and cold weather have caused some issues with services, such as postal delivery. But NuWay Disposal—which will have service on Martin Luther King Day on Monday, Jan. 20—is offering customers tips on how to avoid any disruption in their garbage pickup because of snow accumulation:

  • Make sure the garbage isn’t in a snow bank by clearing out a spot to place cans.
  • Make sure cans aren't blocked by vehicles.
  • Because routes change, be sure to have garbage out to the curb early in the morning or the night before.
  • Make sure garbage is within 2 feet of the curb and 5 feet away from structures, such as mailboxes.
  • Cans must be facing the right way in order for them to be dumped properly by the automated trucks. The wheels of the can should face away from the street.
  • If you have white garbage bags, be sure to put them in a noticeable place by cans, so the snow doesn't hide them.


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