Coyote Kills Small Dog in Tinley Park

A family is missing its beloved pet, after it was attacked and killed by a coyote near Oak Forest Avenue and Ridgeland Friday night.

Photo provided.
Photo provided.
"Chico" never needed to be on a leash. The 13-year-old canine listened well to her owners, and stayed close in their yard near Oak Forest Avenue and Ridgeland Avenue. 

There was little the Hill family could do, though, when a coyote snatched Chico from an alley near their home Friday night. The coyote—or what the Hill family believes might have been a rare coywolf—dropped the dog as neighbors attempted to chase it away.

It was too late for Chico, the Hill family said. 

"Chico was a loyal family member for 13 years and a wonderful dog," they told Patch. "She will be sorely missed."

On Saturday the family spotted a similar animal near 174th and Ridgeland, and came within 30 feet of it before the animal took off. Then Sunday afternoon, caught another glimpse of the animal in the same area.

"I could not believe that it was not even dusk yet and this guy was running through the neighbors' lawns like he owned the town," Linzee Hill wrote Patch. 

Hill warned neighbors and those in the area to keep a close eye on small pets, and check the yard before letting one outside.

Have coyotes bothered you or your pets? Where have you spotted them? Tell us in the comments.
Anonymous May 08, 2014 at 07:07 AM
Telling us to keep our dogs on a leash is not helpful. They can take down a deer. How about our children. The coyote packs are multiplying and not deterred by fences. They're not afraid of people. Two coyotes jumped a chain link fence to get my animal who unattended for a minute in our backyard. I don't live in a rural or Forrest area, it's been populated for over 50 years. Coyotes just seen here last couple of years. I don't like being held under siege in my own home in a fences in yard with bright lights. Something needs to be done.
Dick Schmidt May 08, 2014 at 09:34 AM
Survival of the fittest @Anonymous! Darwin at work.
Cathy Malchick May 08, 2014 at 12:33 PM
At the intersection of Forestview and Normandy half a year ago, walking my big dog, a coyote would not let us walk by. He chased us up to the door of the house and I had to call for a ride since I did not want to walk the long way around. Next day, I went to look over in the sidewalk area and it looked like a puddle of dried blood. I think he was protecting two coyotes eating an animal. Another time on 167th I almost ran in the street as they were coming towards me. A couple years ago on James street in Kimberly I came around the corner and there were two coyotes in the street staring at the houses. I noticed diff. Neighbors talking by their doors. I saw one women and made a comment about the animals. She said they came after the young kids in the yard and retreated when I came around the corner. What would of happened if no one was around?
Joe Tinley May 09, 2014 at 10:58 AM
@Anonymous.....Sorry but a single coyote and not even two can down a deer, you need to get out more in the wild/woods also you invaded they're territory, animals are running out of room and will be in conflict with man, what you have to worry about is when the animals start flashing "gang signs"
Binky's Mom May 12, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Unfortunately, coyotes, foxes and wolves are indigenous to any wooded areas, since that is all they have left. We moved in on their territory, not the other way around. They have survived a horrific winter...but they lived it out in the cold! They are hungry, and sticking together for protection. I have read some of the comments above, and yes, they will take a small animal that is left unattended, since all THEY see is food. As for small children, make sure kids know not to try to "pet the doggie" and get in the house when they see something they don't recognize. The worst thing you can do is run - this doesn't work for you with stray dogs, and it will not work for you in the case of wild animals. You running = PREY! Stand your ground, make noise, shout, get an air horn from your local dollar store and take it on walks with you. I am sorry for anyone who has dealt with the damage a wild animal has caused their families, I was almost attacked by a pack while walking my dog - but I used common sense, and made it home. Granted, Tinley Park is not in the middle of "where Jesus lost his sandals", but we are surrounded by a lot of wooded areas. Use your heads, and stay safe. :)


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