No Cars Allowed: Cicero Avenue Goes 'Car-free' During Fleadh

Grab your bikes, rollerblades, or running shoes—but leave the car at home as Cicero Avenue once again shuts down to motorized vehicles, for an hour during this year's Fleadh.

There won't be much traffic on Cicero Avenue March 10—at least not f the automobile kind.

Instead, folks will take to bikes, rollerblades or running shoes for one hour between the hustle and bustle of the race and .

The will shut down Cicero—for one hour at least.

Some cities spend millions on an event called "Open Streets" to promote an active lifestyle, encouarge communities to socialize and clear motorized vehicles off the street for bit. On March 10, Oak Forest will join their ranks, saving money by tying the event into the

From 10 to 11 a.m., between the hustle and bustle of a 5K race and a parade, Cicero Avenue will open to all residents to do anything but drive.

“'Open Streets' basically turns one mile of a normally busy street into a linear park,” said Steve Buchtel, of Active Transportation Alliance, which sponsors the event. “It is a South American idea which originated out of Bogota. When a city closes a street route for people to bike, walk or play they call it the Sunday Ciclozia.”

Buchtel suggested that people bring their bikes this year, and that families come out with their children.

“You’ve forgotten how fun it is to walk down the streets. It’s somewhat empowering,” he said. “For one hour you get to relive your youth.”

Open Streets is an open event with no advance registration required. For more information, visit the city's Fleadh website, or call Steve Buchtel at (708) 365-9365 or e-mail steve@activetrans.org. For more information on Buchtel's group, visit the Active Transportation Alliance.



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