Oak Forest Sisters Star in Narnia

The Carrera Sisters, Kinsey, Kennedy and Kamden of Oak Forest prepare for Narnia.
The Carrera Sisters, Kinsey, Kennedy and Kamden of Oak Forest prepare for Narnia.
The Penvensie sisters from Narnia had a bond that couldn't be broken.
Three sisters from Oak Forest share that same bond as they take part in productions from Spotlight Theater.
The Carrera girls, Kennedy, 16, a student at Oak Forest High, Kinsey, 13, a student at Arbor Park Middle School and Kamden, 10, a student at Scarlet Oak, have been preparing since November to WOW the public in a production of Narnia. 
" I love working with my sisters," says Kennedy. " We have a lot of fun together".  All three sisters agree on that.  " Working on this production with my sisters, has been really fun", adds middle sister Kinsey. " We are always helping each other with our vocals, our lines and character development."
Narnia is the third production since Spotlight Theater has come to the south suburbs.  Last year the girls were in Annie and Schoolhouse Rock. The sisters had parts in all three productions.
" In Narnia, I play a deer'" says the youngest Carrera sister, Kamden.
Each sister in unison said the best part of the productions, is making new friends.
Mom, Jill has gotten involved as well. " My favorite memory is seeing my children on stage together for the first time. I felt so proud and happy for them."
Each production features full costumes, make-up and backdrops. Every parent gets involved to help the show be successful. 
Jill has worn many hats for the not for profit theater group. " I have taught classes, done some photography and hair and make-up for the shows." 
Characters have come alive due to the talents of Jill and her team of parents.
" These productions are professional grade, says Jill. The cast consists of children ages 8-18. You will not believe how much you will enjoy Spotlight shows. These talented children will blow your mind."
If you would like to see the talents of the Carrea sisters and other children, Narnia tickets are still available. Show times are Friday Jan. 17th at 10am and 7pm, Sat. Jan. 18th, show times are 2 & 6 PM and Sunday the final show is at 3PM. 
Performances are at Stagg High School in Palos Hills. Tickets and information on upcoming classes can be found at www.spotlight.org 


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